Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3rd Day and University

Yesterday was my 3rd day at the University of Latrobe. I am enrolled in a graduate diploma of education that will span 2 years part time and will see me next year engaging in 45 hours of practical teaching and 15 hours of fieldwork. Our lecture yesterday was on the different styles of learning that exist and how each one contributes to student's growing and progressing as learners. One Bernie Neville was mentioned, who I haven't read up on yet but will soon. Our seminar series for this subject, Context of Learning has been based around groups of 5 of us working together on creating a Wiki. This wiki is where we create the parameters for an imaginary school. Ours is called Aim High and we are currently finishing off each of our teacher profiles before creating a Manifesto for Learning.
The task of creating a school as a group operates on many levels and appears an ideal activity for our level of learning. There have been many of us who have been confused about the task and specifically about what the point is. For me, the points are many and varied.
1. We learn to work with a group of people that we were not able to choose.
2. We learn about how existing schools work and imagine an ideal school.
3. We learn about what we bring to teaching both good and bad.
4. Also working as a group of mixed skills and abilities, we each have the opportunity to act as teacher or learner at different times.
5. The task's assessment is deliberately vague and so we are forced from our normal comfort zones.

Yesterday I put to the group that I thought it would be good to have a podcast to accompany our wiki and they agreed. Now we have to co-ordinate the recording of interviews for each group member before I mix it all down. I'm using Garageband to create the podcast and it can be accessed through Gcast

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For some reason I hate hearing my voice in recorded form. Anyway that's probably just me.

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