Saturday, February 14, 2015

Two Weeks In

I am two weeks in to my Yoga teacher training. The work is challenging and very stimulating. The learning is experiential and the practical and reflective elements of the program synthesise well with the theoretical and historical.

I have been challenged and grown like no other time in my life. Contributing to this is the daily journalling. It brings opportunities to track and commit to resolutions and reflections to critical moments or challenges. I have learnt a lot about the fuels to my negative reactions at home and work. I am discovering connections within my own mental and emotional world that are astounding. The world around me is changing as a result of my internal world changing. It is exciting and inspiring. So far i have kept up well with my homework and my 5:00am starts for Asana are getting less of a drag. In fact I am sure I would miss one if it were not there for a day.

I have begun to think about how the practice of Yogasana influences so many other aspects of the mind, body and emotional state. It is incredible how interconnected it all is and how powerful the practice of Yoga is in drawing it all together to sing harmoniously.

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