Monday, September 7, 2009

Name Change Post

So here is the new name for my blog. Does this happen much in the blogospere? Is it Taboo? I figure that as one grows more familiar with Blogging one becomes less narcissistic about it. This is no longer as much a blog of me as it is a blog of the story I am writing for myself and my family. Its worth blogging because in some way its the story of a transition that many of us are or will need to make in the way we live. In some ways changing the way we live and think about the world has long been something that was unheard of. After all what is wrong with it? Surely its the way it should be and progress on the path we are on is inevitable and right. Well, as things start to change around us and increasingly we become aware of the disastrous effects our actions have on the delicate earth, we come to realise that changing the way we think and do will become less of a lifestyle choice and more of a necessity. The new title draws on that of a book by Masanobu Fukuoka entitled One Straw Revolution. His book is about a revolution in the way farmers grow rice and other grains in Japan and indeed other parts of the world. I have applied some of his rules in my gardening. No tilling of the soil, no artificial pesticides or fertilisers, mulch mulch mulch and let a natural balance exist. Also the reference to straw reflects an aim that started for us some 2 years back of building our own house out of straw bales. We currently have nothing much to show for it except a pile of informative coffee table books on the subject, a list of internet bookmarks and a vague idea of where we want to live. I hope this blog can form some sort of living documentary of our journey towards this end. In the last two years of living in the city, working and studying, we have at times forgotten the plan we have for ourselves or lost hope that it will happen. Right now the force is strong and we have chosen to direct all of our efforts towards a more sustainable life for ourselves. Through this blog, I hope to share our stories, info and lessons as we get on and will be sure to include a garden diary somewhere in there. I hope you enjoy the journey with us.
Andrew and Nicky

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