Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A New Starter

I have started the year calmly excited to be taking on new challenges with vision and discipline. 

This of course is what we all want especially in moments of clarity and motivation, but with so many distractions it becomes easy to lose touch with the journey of our true Self, lost in the drama that surrounds us. With yoga we come back each time with our Sadhana(daily practice) to the natural and still state for which each of us was designed. This year I am calmly excited to be sharing yoga with others. Other teachers, other students and in all encounters in professional and personal life. 

With the advent of starting to teach yoga, I have created this new space to inspire and energise myself in the journey of Yoga. While I'll keep my old blog up for now, this new space will be a blank canvas of sorts for the years to come. 

Shanti (peace)

Santosha Yoga

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