Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Satya and the Creation of Harmony

I've been thinking this week about the Yama of Satya or truthfulness. This topic was introduced by my teacher during Monday's class and I was gifted a good read here which expanded on Satya as a powerful principle that has great harmonising effect on the world around us. It got me to thinking and growing more aware during practice of how we all have a role in creating harmony in the world and that our impact is greater than we often think. 
When we express truth and speak with restraint and for the benefit of other humans, we can exert a powerful effect on others and inspire them to do the same. This benefits us all and as a community we experience growth.

We can underestimate of forget how we influence and change the world beyond the sphere of our physical influence or close relations. Our media and the structures of our society keep us thinking we are here to consume products and produce work, but actually there is more to it than that. Isn't there?


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