Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Commitment to Practice and Transformation

I recently chose to enrol in teacher training which begins in the new year. I am privileged to be under the instruction of a fantastic and well respected local teacher, however the thought of managing the commitment is somewhat daunting to say the least.
This afternoon as I completed the enrolment form, I paused at the section saying "why do you want to become a yoga teacher?".
Surely I had thought of this. After all I had laid the groundwork for getting on with a year's worth of intensive training. I had to know why I was doing what I was about to do. What had brought me to commit my resources, my own and family's time. The answer was not so easy to come by. I love Yoga and I have experienced its benefits, but why this and why now?

  • I had to do something and this felt right
  • I was doing it for the learning opportunity itself. 
  • I feel drawn to my teacher and drawn to the journey that this course of study and practice would bring.
  • I want to teach Yoga, but actually more so I want to help build a wider commitment to the practice of Yoga in my local and global community. In addition to the teaching of Yoga, is the transformative learning Yoga facilitates that expands out from ourselves and into the world, if we are brave enough to express it.
Tomorrow I hand in my form and prepare for the Journey ahead, a little scared yes, but excited and inspired by the possibilities that await.

I am so grateful to Elizabeth at Joy Through Yoga, for her last couple of posts including Personal Growth and Path To Inner Voice, which have come to me today with such synchronicity. Thank You Elizabeth.

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