About Me

Andrew started doing Yoga because someone told him it was a good way to relieve stress. When he tried it, it worked so he stuck with it.

He started writing about Yoga when he realised that further benefits included greater confidence, balance and motivation in life and in work as well as a general sense that things were going to be OK. 
Focussing on the present moment, which is a major aspect of Yoga, he was actually enjoying life more. He still worries about the future and sometimes gets uptight when things don't go his way but though the practice of Yoga, these things are bothering him less and less. Things like family, and friends and his unique contribution to the world are becoming more important to him through the regular practice of Yoga. 

He started teaching Yoga because he realised that it has such a powerfully transformative effect on those who practice it and he wanted to share this with others.  

Andrew writes a blog and documentary account of his Journey with Yoga in practice and in life. 
"It has also brought closer alignment with my life's purpose. I hope that other people can share in aspects of my journey, and be inspired to take up their own practice of Yoga. I don't write to teach, but rather to learn. "

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