Sunday, October 26, 2014

Refreshing your Practice

My teachers often remind me to properly prepare for each Asana. To not rush into them but to move mindfully into the next practice. This morning I reflected on this as I practiced. I also considered how this approach can sometimes help us revitalise our practice when we are losing the interest and intensity we hope to have in our practice.

  • Taking time to note the breathe whilst before entering into a stretch or starting a dynamic pose.
  •  Breathing into the stretch as we are at full extension
  • Focusing our attention on the breath, as natural, as timed with the movement, as movement or,
  • Using a breathing technique such as Ujjayi 
It is unrealistic to think that we can maintain the bliss and intensity of a class or a special retreat 100% of the time, however there are useful and necessary ways of revitalising ourselves and our practice so that we maintain growth and development in our journey. I am feeling my way through a few ways of doing this at the moment. Tell me about some of your ideas by leaving a comment message.

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