Thursday, October 16, 2014

Yoga and Connection

I'm constantly surprised by how the practice of yoga brings about connections that were not previously possible. Connections between people, the connection of a person to their body, our connection to the earth. My wife and I joke at times that when something coincidental happened it was somehow "Yoga". This running joke was present long before either of us had discovered yoga. It was just a thing we said. I believe the practice of Yoga creates connections that were not previously possible, but now they exist, seem as though they have always been present. 
The other day I grew mindful of how the practice of some afternoon Yoga and awareness put me squarely in the moment as I watered some plants out in the garden. As a one time guerrilla gardener, who has since grown far too busy for his own good, this reconnection to a joy, long forgotten, was inspiring. 
When we feel connected to the earth around us, there is no threat, no need for defensive postures of mind or body, the world greets us with abundance and embrace.

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