Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kid Yoga

I took my first Yoga class this week. I wasn't nervous at all. In fact the participants were easily known to me and they followed my every instruction all the way through.

My son who is 3 and his little Sister 1.8-ish gathered in my studio to draw and watch me make music. They also like playing with the stones that are in my meditation area. I have to teach them both to be respectful but I also remember that it is good for them to learn about them and Ganesha and Buddha. After they had had enough, and singled this with some over the top rough and tumble, I switched the music from King Tubby to something that would grab their attention and called class.

Both followed my lead and stood with hands close at their side. We went through various poses and I called their attention to the breath for the first time. The youngest mostly liked to crawl on her belly but the older one followed through very well. I kept going and we even did some Bastrika and a 3 breath eyes closed meditation. We even threw in an OM and they both said they would come back next time.

It was great fun and it definitely got us onto the same page for the visit Granny and Grandpa's house.

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