Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chook Tractor

This is my chook tractor under construction today. I made it out of the wood I found under the house I am renting, some screws I had from the dog kennel, a few dozen nails and some chicken wire that cost me 24 dollars on Friday. Tomorrow after I fit the door I will test it out with my 3 chooks, all named Tula. After that it's veggie production all through the end of winter, spring and summer. O have been waiting a very long time to be able to try something like this. The first time I heard about chook tractors was out of a book called the permaculture home garden. This was back in 2005 when I was living with Nicky's parent's house on a half acre block of lawn. Back then I was able to convince the parents to be that it would be a good idea to let me build a herb spiral out of rocks gained from a road building site up the road. It took me several car loads and a painful back before I had a perfectly crafted spiral of parsley, mint and rocket. The rocket went wild and the mint took over, while the parsley went to seed. After we moved out dad removed the bed in a couple of hours. Between then and now I have had several gardening projects on the go in various houses which should soon be detailed in this blog. Right now I await the trialing. Of the chook tractor...

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