Saturday, September 27, 2014

Yoga Journalling - Calming the Mind

The past few weeks I have challenged myself to doing 10 Surya Namaskars per day. I have split them into 5 am and 5 pm but I think the effect is similar. The first week I gave up my regular practice to focus on this and I soon felt that this was not ideal and was not gaining the full effect of practicing. I returned to a standard pattern and made sure to include the 5 in the morning with other asana and 5 in the evening. Most days I have done this. Today  my observation was on the calming effects of practicing and it has got me to thinking how important a session at key times of the day could be very helpful for me. This weekend I have really needed to relax and let go of work and having a quiet and undisturbed Yoga session in the afternoon really rested my thoughts. I have also started to think about how my practice develops and how I am getting to not function very well at all if I stop doing Yoga daily.

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