Friday, October 10, 2014

Breath Awareness and Meditation Practice

Today I learned a Sadhana from my teacher Jayananda. I had booked in a meeting with her sometime ago and I was hoping to formalise a routine for myself and my practice. One strong realisation for me today was the degree to which I regularly neglect Pranyama and Meditation at the close of my practice. In some ways I am able to reflect on how this has left me physically and emotionally. It was this breath awareness and settling of the mind that first attracted me to meditation some 12 years ago and it has been the aspect of my practice so neglected of late.

I have been overwhelmed by the energy generation effects of Yoga and in some ways these are very attractive to me, whilst I have not given good attention to slowing back down and being easy again. Observing and experiencing a slowing down of the breath is such a blissful experience, and it balances the energetic and engaged aspects of the mind and body. Its as though the energy present can either be worked up to a frenzy of activity and exploration, or it can gently settle down into the self, and permeate out into the world again.

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