Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Santosha and Gratitude

During this morning's practice I was able to reflect on Santosha(contentment) as it relates to gratitude. It seems to me that when grateful for the what we have, the need or desire to acquire more can be diminished. Gratitude in some way seems to be an expression of Satosha. As we evoke or practice gratitude for the things we are provided by the universe, we are saying that what's there for us is enough, is is exactly what we need and that searching for more is not necessary because of this.
Perhaps there is another way of looking at it though. When we are not content with the gifts of the universe or desire still more from it, we are not able to generate or express gratitude, or even notice that those gifts are even present at all. We see life not as a series of gifts from the universe, but as a series of obstacles that need overcoming.

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