Monday, October 13, 2014

The Practice of Contentment

My teacher asked our class to focus on the Niyama that prescribes Contentment or Santosha. During the last class we were introduced to the Yama of Ahimsa or non-violence. My first thought on hearing this proposal was to consider how the two are linked. Violence in many senses comes from a dissatisfaction or intent to force on another or ourselves what is not natural or right. If we are content in ourselves and accepting of how things are, we are less prone to impatience, forceful or violent behaviour and thoughts.
I believe that I have a lot to learn about this practice. I tend to use discontent a lot in life. It drives change and development and it engages a critical faculty in me that drives certain visions about how the future could be. To some extent it is necessary, however it is a relentless beast that can keep a person striving for more, better, newer, etc.

I will tag further posts on this topic with #santosha to keep track of observations related to it, and try to follow through on the reflections over the coming week.

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