Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Affirming Your World

I recently got to thinking about affirmations and how they work. After reading the book by Donald Walsch, Conversations With God I have considered how the way we think about the world around us has a direct link to how the world around us shows up.

In basic terms our thoughts about the world create the world around us. This is fundamental to how we have got where we are and how we continue to get more of what we've had before. Relationships, experiences and dramas, tragic or positive. These things turn up again and again even when we think we have learned our lesson. The thought patterns are still the same. For some this is understood as energy radiating out from within us and attracting the stuff of our minds and of course the stuff of our bodies and spirit selves.

It makes sense then that many religions and Yoga practice advocate for a healthy body and mind both in nutrition and in conditioning. Many non-western understandings of the self do not distinguish between the self as body and the self as mind or spirit. They are intimately linked to each other and they sing the same song, whether thats the divine song expressing the higher self or a sad song filled with regret, cruelty or threat.

Our posture can impact on our expression to the world and our communication with others.  Through our body language and even more subtly through vibrations of energy we create messages about how the world is, how the world should be and how we should look and be within that world. The configuration we find our minds and bodies in has an impact on the kinds of gifts or curses our world presents.

This has been a revelation for me over the weeks. A revelation that settled down from an intellectual understanding to more of an experiential one. I am beginning to experience the power of this in my life and while of course the hope for a fantastic and even divine life is there, also dawning is a realisation that the negative patterns that have existed over time can be a challenging to overcome.

Have you stopped to think lately what wonders you are creating for yourself and your life? Are there ways in which you can better express the life you were meant to live?

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