Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Yoga of Work

This week is my second week back from some time off work over Christmas. It was a good break with a whole lot of gardening and plenty of time with my two children. I was able to do some reflecting on how my mind and body have been in the later half of the year, most especially at and during work hours. I was able to make an affirmation about this:

"I do the work I love"

This was a powerful statement and I was drawn to it. It has been interesting to cast my attention at work and how I can practice more mindful work and how the tools and practices of Yoga can make work a happier, less worrisome and intense place to be. With a few small changes to our attitude we can notice the promise of greater things to come for ourselves at work. Work can be frought with battles and threats despite our best attempts to create balanced and healthy workplaces. Many of us regularly manage difficult and sensitive situations through our chosen professions. It can be tiring and saddening if we are not on guard from this limiting view. There is another more productive way to view it all however, and those who are able to engage this gear, are the most blessed. Their work is challenging and rewarding. The challenge of work is an achievable one that fills us with a sense of purpose.

I had forgotten how enjoyable work has always been for me. With just some small changes to the way I react to situations and problems or to how I give priority, I was given a glimpse of something I once had that made me love my work.

I look forward to having this affirmation for a very long time, regardless of the work I'll be doing.

"I do the work I love"

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